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snake australia

Office Workers In Australia Find The Office Snake

An employee of a local news station calmly picks up a giant snake found in the office before releasing it outside Snake pops up in the middle of Australian newsroom The snake was discovered on a computer. reptile slithers into newsroom A snake believed to be a carpet python on Monday found its way into the offices of an Australian …

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coner mcgregor

Fake Conor Mcgregor Tricks The Real Coner Mcgregors Fans

I’ve seen a few Conor mcgregor  look a like doing the rounds on Instagram but this one had the crowd well and truly suckered in. He looks pretty close but he can’t do that Irish accent Can’t wait for the Conor vs Floyd fight in a few weeks check out this MMA knockout video

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Goat Picks A Fight With A Glass Door And Wins

Goats love ramming stuff. This goat  decided to start on some glass You’d of thought there’s no chance that a goat would actually ram its way through the glass door. but it actually succeeded and ran away so it won’t get arrested.

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