Caught On Camera

Moped Driver Tries Insurance Scam For It To Fail Miserably


WTF bro this video highlights why more and more people are driving with dash cameras fitted to their cars. This is a very popular thing in Russia where people try to get themselves run over to claim a few quid. Unfortunately for this guy in the UK, the driver captured the whole thing on camera  WTF bro.

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Dash Cam Shows Road Rage Get Out Of Hand

road rage

Road rage caught on dash camera This starts off as your standard run of the mill road rage between two vehicles. Towards the end it shows the cammer get out of the car and run towards the other vehicle to only get run down and then run back over. There’s a lesson to be learnt from this, the one that …

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Motorcyclist Runs Into The Back Of An SUV

It’s usually cars not seeing bikes pull out, change lanes, so on and so forth. This rider takes a look to the car to the left whilst the SUV brakes and he doesn’t even realise and goes straight into the back of him. You need eyes in the back of your head when you’re on the roads.

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Tour Bus Crash In Peru

Peruvian officials say a double-decker tour bus went out of control and rolled over on a narrow road in the hills killing at least nine people and injuring 25.

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Off Duty Cop VS Theif

police brazil

The police officer with cap black hits one and the other runs to the bottom of the gas station. Location: Brazil. Brazilian police dont mess about

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