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Shooting caught on dash cam

Police release video in hopes to identify suspects and speak to persons of interest. Hamilton Police Service Detectives are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying the suspects, persons of interests and other witnesses in.

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This Is Why You Should Never Try To Tame An Alligator

The Texas Crawfish Festival’s currently taking place over two weeks in Preservation Park, Old Town Spring. It’s a lively few days of good old fashioned country music, gargantuan Texas barbecues, crawfish and … alligator taming? That’s right – alligator taming. We guess what’s supposed to happen is one guy keeps the alligator focused on him by tapping it on the …

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Pedestrian vs. Red Light Runner Accident

I hope this video serves as an educational tool on the dangers of the road. Happens on the right side of the screen. Driver of the Toyota ran the red light into the pedestrian. The Ped began crossing while he had a red hand, but the driver should’ve stopped anyways considering his light was red. Happened in Downtown San Diego. …

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