WTF Moments Caught On Camera

WTF Moments Caught on Cam
In this weird world we are living in, there are crazy, funny and epic fail moments, which are uniquely made by crazy people. One of the best parts of witnessing those queer moments is capturing through video camera, which will give you another second, third or multiple chances to witness those moments again. In some other time, there are wtf crazy bro moments that are also captured through images. Those embarrassing moments are terribly and incredibly funny, hilarious and extraordinary.

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wtf moments

wtf moments caught on cam
WTF Moments Caught on Cam
In this weird world we are living in, there are crazy, funny and epic fail moments, which are uniquely made by crazy people

No one would evr think that this moments do exist.

Most of the time those crazy moment made by crazy people caught on cam are extremely funny. One watched it laughed. Viewing those wtf crazy bro moments is like a clever joke that is deliver straight to the eyes, and with the response of the nerve, you laugh. Something became funny because… WTF Moments Caught on Cam
 is expected
In a park, a park keeper is painting the bench in black like a zebra enclosure in the zoo. The bench is painted in black and white stripes. It is expected and everybody knows that this scenario will happen already. The humorous things is about the expectation and anticipation that is build up in inevitable moment where a lady sits on the wet bench with her new coat and ends up in stripes at her back.

 is unexpected
Who would expect that a girl can smash two big guys in a store? She got some balls, it is wtf crazy bro but it is also good for her actually. She is able to deter the guys who tried to leave the convenient store without paying what they taken from there. The female store clerk have that guts to handle the situation in her own manner, and that is funny to see that these guys have nothing to do to defend themselves on this lady.

 …it is familiar
A woman is placing a tin in the trolley and make a turn to get another. In the situation, while she is not staring at it, the trolley is rolling away in sideway manner. It is funny to recognize about her age problem of in shopping a trolley that rolls sideway.

 …it is un familiar
In a funny prank, a lady is asked to look after the communal restroom in a park where the old man enter to use the facility. Suddenly, there came a big truck to fetch the restroom. It is funny to see a wtf crazy bro expression of a man who is giving too much concern of will happen to the old man inside. The situation is never expected by the man to happen, so that what makes the moment funny. Even the viewers are never familiar about that it will happen in the scenario.
Capturing those moments on cam will ponder various emotional suggestions while people are watching those. A wtf crazy bro moments can either be: epic fail; prank; funny vines; ultimate insane achievements; crazy embarrassing moments; shocking moments; etc.


WTF Moments Caught on camera