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Perfectly Thrown Toilet Roll Takes Out A Drone At A Soccer Game

One member of the crowd made a lucky shot whilst running the drone pilots day. The bizarre incident occurred during the game between Gimnasia de Mendoza and Mitre who were both battling it out to secure a place in National B of the Argentinian league.With A throw like that, he should play for the new York Yankees

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bmw rally driver

BMW Driver Thinks He’s A Rally Driver And Fails

BMW has no intention of slowing down while making a right turn in his bmw on a busy intersection in Mississauga that leads to this dangerous accident. If you look really closely, you can see the guys phone flip just before the air bag deploys. Check out this crazy  ROADRAGE  

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Guy Baits Thieves By Filling Moving Truck With SH*T Filled Boxes

The kings of the bait pranks are back with another one! This time they took a moving truck, filled it with a bunch of “moving boxes” that weren’t full of valuables… Instead, it was full with a bunch of shit! A lot of people were hating on the guys who pulled the prank (TwinzTV) who are the kings of the …

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Woman’s Vape Battery Explodes Inside Her Purse

What happens when you give high powered batteries to people who don’t realise they’re dangerous? This. There’s been 100’s of reports of peoples vapes blowing up, but people seem to think it’s a good idea to put the spare batteries in their pockets with no protection around them, you’re in for a bad time if you do this.

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Moped Driver Tries Insurance Scam For It To Fail Miserably

WTF bro this video highlights why more and more people are driving with dash cameras fitted to their cars. This is a very popular thing in Russia where people try to get themselves run over to claim a few quid. Unfortunately for this guy in the UK, the driver captured the whole thing on camera  WTF bro.

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road rage

Dash Cam Shows Road Rage Get Out Of Hand

Road rage caught on dash camera This starts off as your standard run of the mill road rage between two vehicles. Towards the end it shows the cammer get out of the car and run towards the other vehicle to only get run down and then run back over. There’s a lesson to be learnt from this, the one that …

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